Effective Words to Use When Writing a College Essay

Top Words for Essay Writing and How Students Should Use Them

In order to compose an outstanding essay, it is essential to use the correct set of words. You might be conveying the right message, but if the language and expressions used are wrong, you will be limiting the chances of getting better grades after the paper has been assessed by your professor.

Being able to develop your language skills and establish a discussion that can be understood by your readers is a crucial aspect of essay writing as a college student. In this article, you will learn more about the kind of phrases and words that will improve the quality of argument in your essay.

7 Best Words and Expressions to Use in an Essay

Most students are not used to writing essays simply because you either lack the time or knowledge to compose such an assignment. If the experience to do so is your main concern, this article has selected seven useful phrases that will make your composition to have a more professional look to your professor. These phrases include.

  • In order to

This phrase is utilized when you want to introduce a particular explanation that serves a specific purpose in an argument. For instance, “In order to explain why the wheel was invented, it is essential to comprehend the relevance of transporting goods.â€

  • In other words

Do you want to express something differently? Use “In https://www.essaycapital.com/research-papers/research-paper-writing-service other words,†phrase since it makes it easier for the general reading audience to understand that you want to expand or emphasize a particular case.

  • Otherwise

This word is used to show a different approach of saying, “in other words.†If you want to highlight specific complex points, the term “otherwise†can be used to represent an alternative means of doing so.

  • That’s to say

The phrase is utilized when you want to provide more details about a specific argument or if you want to be more precise about something.

  • To that extend

The phrase is used the same way as “so†or “in order to†For instance, meteorologists have yearned to develop their skills when it comes to providing weather forecast reports accurately. To that extend, a novel report has been released to discuss the best to do weather forecasting.

  • Additionally

This word is used at the begging of a particular sentence intends to add more details to the previous https://www.mesacc.edu/%7Epaoih30491/ArgumentSampleEssays.html point discussed earlier. For example: “Additionally, the findings concerning the earlier report give more evidence about the possibilities of having rains during need assignment help this season.â€

  • Furthermore

Just like “additionally,†this word is included at the beginning of a sentence. It is used to put more emphasis on something by providing extra details about it.

Use thee Top Words to Create a Fluent Essay

Using the best words and phrases to writing your essay is another way to make your writings readable and fluent. The use of such expressions is also dependent on the structure and grammar used in the paper. Generally, these phrases also help students to prove their mastery of the English language.

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